Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Green Tea (250g)


  • Pure and refreshing: Enjoy the pure and refreshing taste of Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Green Tea.
  • Organic goodness: This tea is organically grown, ensuring a natural and chemical-free experience.
  • Uniquely Darjeeling: Experience the distinctive flavor profile that Darjeeling green tea is renowned for.
  • Happy Valley excellence: Indulge in a tea crafted with expertise and passion by Happy Valley, a trusted name in Darjeeling tea.
  • Convenient packaging: Each pack contains 250g of premium green tea, sealed for maximum freshness.




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The liquor is smooth, as it rolls in the mouth the taste progresses from a flowery sweet note and transitions into a vegetal note and ends with a sweet vegetal aftertaste, a feature of Darjeeling green tea.


Light Pale Yellow


The aroma is a classic Darjeeling Green tea one, distinctly floral and earthy



    The leaves are evenly graded with a mixed appearance of olive green and dark green. The aroma is light floral and vegetal, that reckons with a distinct Darjeeling Green tea.


    The leaves are broken with an olive green appearance and have a grassy and vegetal aroma.



Green Tea




Lemon, Honey


Tea Cakes, Biscuits, Salads, Fresh Fruits, Light Snacks




Anytime of the day

Water Quantity

150 ml

Heating Temperature

80-85 C / 176-185 F

Tea Leaves Quantity

2 g / 0.07 Oz

Steeping Time 3-4 Min / 180-240 Sec

Experience the pure essence of Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Green Tea. Sourced from the lush tea gardens of Darjeeling, this tea offers a delightful and invigorating experience.

Our commitment to organic cultivation ensures that each sip of this green tea is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. It is grown using natural methods that nurture the tea leaves and protect the environment. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the true flavors of nature with this organic tea.

Darjeeling green tea is known for its unique character and exceptional taste. The cool climate and fertile soil of the region contribute to the tea’s distinct flavor profile. With every sip, you’ll experience the refreshing notes and delicate aroma that make Darjeeling green tea highly sought after.

Happy Valley, a trusted name in the world of Darjeeling tea, brings you this exquisite organic green tea. Crafted with expertise and passion, each leaf is carefully selected and processed to preserve its natural goodness. The result is a tea that delights the senses and rejuvenates the body.

Each pack of Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Green Tea contains 250g of premium tea leaves, sealed to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. Convenient and easy to use, this packaging allows you to enjoy a cup of revitalizing green tea whenever you desire.

Elevate your tea-drinking experience with Happy Valley Organic Darjeeling Green Tea. Discover the wonders of Darjeeling’s tea heritage and immerse yourself in the pure, refreshing flavors of this exceptional tea. Savor the moment, sip by sip.


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