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Organic Tea—Darjeeling, Green Tulsi

This organic Darjeeling tea was harvested from vibrant bushes, nurtured by the misty mountain air and pure Himalayan water. The leaves are selectively handpicked...
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Loose Tea
Rs. 400.00
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Organic Tea—Darjeeling Black, with Rose Petals

Organic black tea, grown at the Happy Valley tea estate, is combined with delicate rose petals to create a fragrant brew that lingers on...
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Rs. 450.00
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Organic Tea—Kadak Masala Chai

This robust Masala Chai was cultivated in the lush green plantations of the finest tea growing districts of Assam. The leaves are hand-plucked from...
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Rs. 400.00

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When you sip a cup of tea, what you taste is result of the seasons, the sunshine and our garden practices.

Brew happiness with our 100% organic teas.

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